This is a beauty blog that focuses on inner beauty and skin deep beauty.

Beauty is not just skin deep ; inner beauty counts too!

What you can expect from this blog :

1) Beauty/Skin Care tips
2) Topics on Acne (this has plagued me for years)
3) Detailed descriptions of SkinLYcious products
4) My personal stories that I hope can inspire
5) Positive , self-esteem booster posts
6) My thoughts of being an entrepreneur

Live with Confidence

 P.S  I am just sharing my personal experience and whatever knowledge that I have gathered over the years. I am not a medical or skincare professional. Therefore, please do not take my advice and experience as absolute medical advice. It should never replace a thorough consultation by a certified medical professional. The decisions that you make are your decisions.

All pictures, photos, words, phrases, statements (basically everything) written and used in this blog are not to be reproduced without permission from the author.


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